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Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Did you know that December is Safe Toys And Gifts Month? If you’re planning to put a few new playthings in your canine companion’s stocking, as many of you likely are, this is something to keep in mind as you…

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Cute ginger cat

Cute Facts About Cats

December is Cat Lovers Month! Kitties brighten our days and lives with their silly quirks and charming antics. These little furballs definitely deserve to be celebrated! In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal clinic, a local…

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Two husky dogs with party hats and a dog cake

Spotlight On Wolfenoot!

Did you know that November 23rd is Wolfenoot? Wolfenoot is a fairly new doggy holiday, but it’s a pretty important one in our book: it’s meant to celebrate our canine companions, and everyone who has been kind to them. A…

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Brownish German Shepherd snuggly on a brown floor

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. This awareness event was started by Nationwide and the Animal Cancer Foundation back in 2005, in the hopes of raising both money for and awareness of fighting pet cancer. Cancer is the leading…

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Brown cat under a cat tower

Choosing Cat Furniture

Does your feline friend have some things of her own? Fluffy isn’t shy about using our furniture, but it’s good for her to have a few things of her own. A local vet offers some advice on things to consider…

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