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Cute Ways To Pamper Floppy For Rabbit Week

Rabbit lovers definitely have a lot to be hoppy about this month: it’s not only Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month, we also have Rabbit Week starting on the 26th. While you of course don’t need any particular reason to spoil…

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Grooming A Senior Cat

Have you ever noticed that sometimes older cats look a bit unkempt? There is a reason for this, and it’s not that Fluffy stopped caring about her beauty regime. Older kitties sometimes get quite stiff and sore. That makes it…

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Fido’s First Grooming Appointment

We have some breaking news to share with you here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet hospital, and the puparazzi are pretty excited about it: our salon is open! There’s a lot to be said for the ease…

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Pet Preparation Tips

June is Pet Preparation Month! National disasters seem to be happening more and more frequently, but that isn’t the only type of emergency that can arise unexpectedly. Things like fires and chemical spills are all too common these days. While…

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Helping Your Rescue Dog Adjust

May 20th is Rescue Dog Day! Adopting a rescue dog can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience. Of course, it’s important to get Fido started out on the right paw in his new home. In this article from Fairfield…

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Getting Your Child A Hamster

May 10th is World Hamster Day! Hammie actually has two celebration days: April 12th is World Hamster Day. That’s fine by us: these cute little pets definitely deserve recognition. They’re not only adorable, they’re also lots of fun. In this…

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