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We provide veterinary services for every stage
in your pet’s life to a lifetime of preventive care.

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A Special Place For Your Four-Legged Friend

Family is important – whether a given member is two-legged or four. You want a partner that will do whatever they can to keep your animal companion happy and healthy. More importantly, you want someone who will treat your pet family member with the same care and compassion that you do.

At Fairfield Animal Hospital, we provide quality care in a way that helps our clients and patients feel comfortable. When you’re with us, we want you to feel that your pet is our priority. If you’re looking for a veterinary home near Cypress, Texas with a highly skilled team that genuinely cares, look no further.

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We provide individual care and support to each person and pet we serve

Wellness & Vaccinations

Wellness & Vaccinations

As pet parents, we want our animal companions to live as many happy, healthy years as possible. At Fairfield Animal Hospital, we believe the best way to accomplish this is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care. 

Nutrition & Weight Management

Nutrition & Weight Management

Let’s face it: the topics of nutrition and weight control can be complicated, even for the most experienced pet parent. If you need a little guidance in this area, you’re certainly not alone. 



Contrary to popular belief, stinky breath isn’t something that pet owners simply must learn to live with. In fact, it’s likely a sign that your pet needs to visit the dentist.


Pet Boarding

Why not trust the team at Fairfield Animal Hospital? We’ve got all of the services, amenities and perks needed to become your best friend’s home away from home.

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