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Fun Facts About Odie

August 1, 2023

August 8th is Odie Day! Odie, as you probably know, is the slobbery, eternally cheerful sidekick to Garfield, the beloved, lasagna-loving animated celebrekitty. The pair have been warming our hearts and making us laugh for nearly 50 years now, and don’t seem to have any intentions of stopping. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet hospital, a vet takes a look at the lovable animated mutt.


One area where things get a bit muddy is, well, Odie’s thought processes. The pooch rarely speaks, though he does meow every now and then. In fact, cartoonist Jim Davis has said that the four-legged star is hard to write because of this. He also doesn’t seem to think very much, and when he does, his thought bubbles are very short and simple. However, the happy pup also has a taste for literature. He’s been shown reading War and Peace, a favorite of another celebrated cartoon canine, Snoopy. He can also read Garfield’s thought bubbles.

Growth And Change

Have you ever seen the early Garfield comic strips? The orange feline looked quite different back then than he does now. Odie has also been through some changes over the years. His ears have gone from black to brown, and he’s lost a few toes. Another significant change? The pooch now walks upright, though he still occasionally runs on all fours.

Rocky Relationship

Like many of our furry patients, Odie’s relationship with his four-legged roommate has had some rocky moments. Garfield has put Odie through quite a bit: he’s dropped kicked him, pushed him, and thrown him off the table countless times. (Even animated cats can’t resist knocking things off tables.) Then again, Odie has also gotten his licks in: he’s sent Garfield through walls, made him fall out of trees, and tied his tail into knots, among other things. However, despite their ups and downs, the two are actually quite fond of each other … they just don’t like to admit it.

Alter Egos

Like his animated idol (or rival), Snoopy, Odie has some alter egos. There’s a superhero version of him, Odieboy, who serves as a partner to Supergarfield. Others include the Amazing Flying Dog and Odious.

Does your cat hates Mondays? Does your dog drool all over everything? Contact us at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet hospital, for their veterinary care needs.

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Fun Facts About Odie

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