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BRown German shepherd with a cobra on his side

Protecting Your Dog From Snakebites

Snakebite Awareness Day is September 19th. This is a pretty relevant topic: there are over 90 kinds of snakes here in the Lone Star State. While only about a dozen are venomous, even non-venomous snakes can cause injuries. Dogs are…

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Ginger cat having a check-up

Signs Of Pain In Animals

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This is a very important topic! Pets can’t tell us if they don’t feel well, and they can’t drive themselves to the emergency clinic. It’s important to know what the warning signs are, so…

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Young boy fixing a dog house with a brown furry dog

Teaching Your Child How To Interact With Pets

Pets and children can be a very perfect—not to mention adorable—pairing. They actually have a lot in common: they’re curious about things, love to cuddle and play, and often get into trouble if left unsupervised. Our animal companions can teach…

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Five gray kitties inside a wooden brown basket

5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe

You’ve probably heard the saying about cats having nine lives. Unfortunately for Fluffy, this isn’t true: kitties only get one life, just like the rest of us. However, these little furballs are curious, bold, and, well, sometimes a bit fearless….

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Group of rescue dogs eating around an older lady

Feeding A Rescue Dog

The third week of July is Feed A Rescue Dog Week. This is actually to help raise donations for animal shelters. Dropping off some food to a local shelter would be a great way to promote good animal welfare! Of…

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Vet in blue uniform caress a dog in the head

Caring For A Sick Dog

Is your pup recovering from illness, injury, or a surgical procedure? Whether Fido has an upset tummy or is struggling with chronic pain and/or ongoing illness, he’ll need some extra TLC as he recovers. A veterinarian discusses caring for a…

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