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Getting Your Child A Hamster

May 1, 2023

May 10th is World Hamster Day! Hammie actually has two celebration days: April 12th is World Hamster Day. That’s fine by us: these cute little pets definitely deserve recognition. They’re not only adorable, they’re also lots of fun. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX pet clinic, a local vet offers some information on getting your child a hamster. 

Set Ground Rules 

It’s not uncommon for kids to beg for pets, only to lose interest … leaving the care to the parents. Make sure that everyone is clear on who will be taking care of the little ball of fur before you bring him home. 

Monitor Care 

Keep an eye on your furry friend’s care. Make sure he’s getting fresh food and clean water every day, and that his cage is being kept clean. This is one good thing about hamsters: they actually have pretty minimal care needs. If you use a sticker or chalkboard system for tracking your child’s chores and activities,  you can incorporate Hammie’s care into that. 

Separate Accommodations 

Hammie is pretty cute, but that doesn’t mean he is going to make a good roommate for your child. Hamsters are nocturnal, so they tend to be most active at night … when your little one will be trying to sleep. 

DIY Crafts 

Hamsters have open-rooted teeth, so they need plenty of chew toys. These can make great crafts for kids! Your youngster can make simple shapes, like chains or snowflakes, out of plain paper. The tubes from toilet paper rolls can also be repurposed into toys for Hammie. Cut them into rings and reassemble them into balls, or just stuff shredded paper or safe herbs into them. 

Name Game 

One thing your child may enjoy doing is naming your new furry friend. This can be a pretty fun activity. Your little one may decide on a name within a matter of seconds, but if not, well, there’s no lack of inspiration and sources. Movie characters, historical figures, colors, celebrities: there’s almost no end to the options!


If your child is still quite young, you may want to have them sit or kneel when handling Hammie. That way, if your pint-sized pal falls, he won’t have a long drop. 

Do you have questions about your hamster’s health or care? Call Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX pet hospital, anytime! 

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