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6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy

July 1, 2020

Kitties are very personable and charismatic. It’s pretty easy to tell when Fluffy is feeling cheerful, playful, or affectionate. How do you keep that little motor going? In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal hospital, a veterinarian lists some great ways to keep your feline buddy purring.


One thing we can say about cats: they really don’t have expensive tastes. Many kitties absolutely love boxes! Our feline friends also enjoy exploring and investigating things. Give your curious little buddy a kitty tent or tower, as well as the occasional paper bag.


Cats have emotional and mental needs, as well as physical ones. Playing fulfills all three! Fluffy loves to indulge her inner huntress by pouncing on catnip mice, rubber balls, and the occasional dust bunny or bottlecap. Play with your adorable little hunter every day.

Veterinary Care

We know, we know. Fluffy isn’t exactly happy about her appointments. (To be fair, many of our feline patients are more distressed by the car ride than their actual appointment.) Regardless, your kitty will be much more content if she is healthy and free from pain, parasites, and other problems. Healthy pets are happy pets!


As mentioned above, it’s important to play with your cat regularly. However, kitties can and do get bored. Make sure your furry buddy has toys she can use by herself. A window seat will also keep Fluffy entertained. You get bonus purrs if your pet has an interesting view.


One of the most adorable things about our feline pals is how amusing they are. Fluffy provides plenty of comic relief just going about her day. Kitties are never more hilarious than when they are feeling the effects of catnip.


Kitties pretend to be very aloof, but they’re actually very lovable and emotional. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy! One of the best ways to make your pet feel loved is just to talk to her. (This shouldn’t be difficult: it’s hard not to talk to cats.) Some cats are very responsive, and will meow back. Others will actually argue with their humans. The more you interact with your kitty, and offer her attention, the more attentive and loving she’ll become.

As your Fairfield Animal Hospital, your local Cy-Fair animal hospital, we’re always here to help! Please reach out to us anytime!

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