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Hamster Exercise

May 1, 2020
May 10th is National Hamster Day! Hammie is a pretty cute little pet, and is very popular with kids. One issue we often see in these tiny furballs is obesity. Hamsters are very theatrical beggars, and they also have a habit of stashing food for later, and then pretending they are starving. Giving your pet a proper diet is of course crucial here, but it’s also important to keep your hamster active. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal hospital, a local vet discusses hamster workouts.

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are kind of the gold standard of hamster workouts. Just be sure to get a solid wheel. The wire ones can actually cause paw and tail injuries! You can keep the wheel right in your furry buddy’s habitat, so he can use it whenever he wants. Remember to clean it regularly.


Runabouts can be great fun for hamsters. There are some safety considerations here, however. First, make sure to get the right size. Also, keep in mind that not all hamsters enjoy runabouts. If your pint-sized pal looks scared, don’t force him! Supervise your little buddy closely when he’s in his ball, and don’t let him roll around near potential hazards, like stairs, pools, or fireplaces. Keep sessions short and sweet, about 10 minutes at a time. You’ll also need to wash the runabout after every use. Finally, if you have a dog or cat, keep them in another room.


Hamsters love exploring mazes! You can of course buy some, but you can also make your own out of large cardboard tubes, beverage boxes, PVC pipe, or even paper mache! Just make sure it’s big enough so Hammie doesn’t get stuck.


You can take Hammie out and play with him. Your pint-sized pet may even enjoy some supervised explorations! If you have other pets, keep them in another area. You definitely don’t want Fluffy or Fido joining in! Keep a close eye on Hammie, and don’t let him loose in spots where he could run under something or get away. If you have a child, supervise their hamster play sessions carefully. We also recommend having kids sit when holding their pets. That way, if Hammie gets dropped, he won’t fall far. Do you have questions about hamster care? Contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your local Cy-Fair animal hospital, today!

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