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Helping Fido Beat The Heat

April 15, 2020
Summer is coming up fast! This time of year can be rough on our canine pals. After all, Fido is wearing a fur coat! You’ll need to make sure your pet doesn’t get too hot. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal hospital, a local vet offers some tips on helping your pooch stay cool.


First and foremost, make sure your dog always has fresh water. If Fido has a yard to play in, he’ll need water bowls outside as well. On hot days, drop a few ice cubes into your pet’s water. Your four-legged friend may also enjoy a pet fountain.


Swimming is great activity for our canine companions. This will help keep Fido fit and keep him cool. Of course, this one very much depends on how your dog does with water. Some pups are natural swimmers. Others? Not so much. If this isn’t a good option for your furry friend, let him splash around in a kiddie pool or play under a sprinkler instead.


On scorching days, limit Fido’s outdoor time during the hottest part of the day. Walk and play with your canine buddy in the mornings or evenings, when it’s cooler.

Cold Treats

You can pick up doggy ice cream for Fido at many pet stores or grocery markets. Or, make your own. You’ll find some great recipes online. You can also make ‘pupsicles’ by freezing kibble, doggy biscuits, or other treats in water or sodium-free broth. Tail wags guaranteed!

Comfy Bed

Consider getting Fido a cooling pad for his doggy bed. You can also freeze a towel and put that on your pup’s bed. Or, point a fan at it. Just make sure he can’t knock it over!

Summer ‘Do

Some dogs are just more comfortable with a trim in summer. This isn’t an across-the-board recommendation, however. Pups with double coats, like huskies, should never be clipped. This can actually damage their fur, and keep it from properly insulating Fido.

Cooling Vests

These are fairly new, but work quite well! You wet the vest before putting it on Fido. The vest will cool him off as the water dries. The tricky part may be finding one that fits. Measure your pooch before buying. Please contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!

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