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5 Great Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

August 1, 2016
Did you know that heat is very dangerous for our feline friends? Texas summers can be very tough on kitties. Fluffy doesn’t have a good way to cool herself off if she gets too hot. She can only sweat through her paws, and can’t pant as effectively as Fido. Plus, she’s already wearing a fur coat! In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX veterinary hospital, you’ll learn how to keep your cat cool this summer.

Grooming Sessions

Brushing your furry pal will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This will not only keep your kitty looking good, it will help her stay cooler. Incorporate lots of praise and compliments to get Fluffy’s little motor going.

Fresh Water

First and foremost, make sure Fluffy always has lots of fresh water. If you’re gone a lot, you may want to get an automated waterer. If you want to pamper your cat, consider getting her a kitty drinking fountain.

Cool Bed

We all know what kitties’ favorite pastime is: napping! Keep your furball cool and comfy by pointing a fan at her bed. You can also make Fluffy a little kitty hammock. These are cooler than regular beds, because they allow air to pass beneath them. You’ll need an end table or chair with four legs, and a piece of material. Cut the material so that it’s smaller than the tabletop (or chair seat) and then attach the corners to the legs. Voila!

Cold Treats

Who says cats can’t enjoy the occasional cool treat? Drop an ice cube into Fluffy’s water dish every now and then. You can also freeze sodium-free chicken broth in an ice cube tray, and give your kitty a broth cube on occasion. Another thing you can try is mixing a can of tuna with plain yogurt and some parsley. Freeze it in small portions for your feline friend.

Chilled Toys

Did you know that batting an ice cube around is a great way for Fluffy to cool off? Those little paw pads help your cat regulate her temperature, so playing with an ice cube will help her beat the heat. You can also try freezing some of your kitty’s toys. Is your cat due for an exam? Contact Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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