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Signs That Your Cat is Stressed

December 1, 2015
Most of us experience stress and anxiety at times. It certainly isn’t fun! Just like us, cats can also feel stressed. Fluffy may not have to worry about her job or paying bills, but she can still suffer from anxiety. Some of the things that make our feline friends nervous include loud noises, strangers, changes in ownership, and moving. New roommates, whether human or animal, can also make kitties uneasy. Your furry pal can’t tell you if she’s feeling stressed, but her behavior may clue you in. Read on to learn about some of the most common signs of feline stress in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your local Cy-Fair veterinary clinic.

Litterbox Issues

Litterbox mishaps are often a sign of stress and anxiety in cats. If Fluffy stops using her litterbox, she may be stressed out.

Tummy Upsets

Anxiety can definitely do a number on a person’s stomach. The same is true with kitties. Stress can cause vomiting and diarrhea in cats. It can also cause Fluffy to lose her appetite.


Kitties are normally very diligent about their beauty rituals. Cats that are feeling anxious sometimes go a bit overboard in this department. If Fluffy is grooming herself so much that she is losing fur, she could be suffering from stress.


Many times, people with anxiety withdraw from friends and family. Fluffy may also want to be alone if she’s stressed. If you notice your kitty hiding more than usual, you might have a stressed-out ball of fur on your hands.


Our feline friends can be quite vocal. Fluffy may very well try to express her feelings by meowing at you insistently. Watch for changes in your furbaby’s vocalization patterns. A quiet cat that starts babbling, or a talkative kitty that falls silent, could be feeling stressed.


Sudden aggression can also be an indication of stress in cats. If your feline pal starts lashing out at other animals or people, she may be battling anxiety. It’s important to know that all of these symptoms can also be caused by medical issues. If your kitty has any of these symptoms, have your vet examine her to rule out any possible health problems. Please contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal hospital, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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