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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

November 15, 2015
Can you believe the holiday season is already approaching? Thanksgiving is already just around the corner! This special holiday does bring some specific dangers for pets, however, so pet parents may want to take a few extra precautions. Read on for some great tips on keeping your pet safe on Thanksgiving in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal clinic.


While a little bit of turkey won’t hurt your pet, don’t overindulge your furry friend. Also, make sure to give your four-legged buddy only cooked, unseasoned meat. You also want to avoid giving Fido any of the bones. Cooked bones are very brittle, and can pose very serious health risks to your canine pal!


Candles add a warm, special glow, but you want to be very careful when burning candles around pets. Make sure to place candles in high, secure spots, well away from your pet.

Toxic Foods

Chocolate; macadamia nuts; grapes, currants, and raisins; avocados; caffeine; and alcohol are all on the forbidden list for your furry friend. Garlic, onions, chives, and scallions are also toxic to pets, and are particular concern because they are often used as seasoning. Raw dough is another no-no: it can expand inside your pet’s stomach, causing severe pain. In some cases, raw dough can cause serious medical issues, and can even necessitate emergency surgery! Be sure to keep these foods safely away from your furry buddy. Dogs are slightly more at risk than cats. This isn’t because our canine friends are more strongly affected, but because, well, Fido will eat just about anything.


If you’re hosting the family gathering this year, you may want to keep your pet crated or in a secure crate as guests are coming and going. You don’t want your furry friend slipping out through an open door!


Make sure to clean the table off as soon as everyone is finished eating. Dispose of food waste using a trashcan that closes securely, so Fido can’t get into it later.

Safe Retreats

Strangers and commotion can make cats very nervous, and the holidays often bring both! Offer your furball plenty of safe retreats, like kitty tents or condos, or even boxes. All of us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX vet clinic, want to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holiday!

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