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The Cat’s Meow


Does your kitty talk a lot? Or is your furball mostly quiet? Fluffy’s adorable meows are one of her most charming traits! In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal clinic, a local vet discusses kitty chatter. The Basic Meow Kitties meow for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, Fluffy just wants to … Read More »

6 Ways To Help Your Cat Become More Cuddly


Is your feline buddy a bit on the aloof side? While some cats are quite the little cuddlebugs, others just don’t seem to care for being held or petted very much. In some cases, this may just be a matter of purrsonality. However, sometimes kitties just need to build trust. In this article from Fairfield … Read More »

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Keeping Fido Off the Couch


Do you often find your dog on the couch, even though he knows he isn’t supposed to be on it? Fido is a loving and wonderful pet, but he is also a bit of an opportunist. Most pooches have no qualms about napping on a comfy sofa. We can help! In this article from Fairfield … Read More »

6 Things to Teach Your Puppy


National Puppy Day is coming up March 23! That first year is a crucial time for little Fido, as he’s got a lot to learn about life. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair pet clinic, a vet lists some things you’ll want to teach your new puppy. Proper Chewing Habits Puppies are … Read More »

Teaching Your Puppy His Name


If you’ve recently adopted a puppy or plan on getting one soon, one of the first orders of business will be teaching young Fido his name. It’s the foundation of your relationship and the starting point for all other training. Use the following tips to successfully teach your puppy his name: Choosing a Name First, … Read More »

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