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Dog Groomer Appreciation Day

November 1, 2023

Today is Dog Groomer Appreciation Day! In our last blog, we discussed medical grooming, and what that entails. However, medical grooming isn’t the only reason to take Fido to the salon. A local vet puts groomers in the spotlight in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet hospital.

Benefits Of Grooming

While your pet may not enjoy being bathed, he will be both healthier and more comfortable—not to mention cuter—with clean, soft fur. Most people go to groomer’s for simple convenience. When you come back to pick up your canine companion, he’ll be clean, fresh-smelling, and ready for snuggles. You won’t get soaked in the process, nor will you have to deal with a messy bathroom. 

Grooming is also safer than being bathed at home for some dogs. For instance, if your canine companion is a large breed or a senior, it can be difficult to get him in and out of the tub. Groomer stations are a better option for some pups, as they reduce the risk of slips and falls. If your veterinary clinic offers grooming, you can also enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop. 

Tips For Grooming

Every dog has unique grooming needs. You’ll want to get specific advice from Fido’s vet or breeder as to how often he should be brushed and bathed, whether or not he should be trimmed, and if he requires medical grooming. When you go to a new groomer, you’ll need to discuss what your expectations are, and also be open to feedback. If you’re scheduling a haircut, bring a picture of what you want. Asking for a style by name can be risky, as that cute cut your neighbor’s poodle wears may not have the same name you think it does. We’d also recommend being very clear about any special requests or concerns.  Proper communication is key to any good relationship, and that applies to groomers, too!

Showing Your Groomer Appreciation

So how does one celebrate their pup’s stylist? Tipping is a wonderful option. You may also be able to offer gift cards or gift certificates. Another way you can help? Give Fido’s stylist a five-star review, and share it on social media! Dog groomers put in a lot of work and effort to keep our canine companions looking—and smelling—nice. They deserve the appreciation!

Do you need to schedule a veterinary appointment and/or grooming? Contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet hospital, today!

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