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Boarding Fido

March 1, 2023

Pet Sitters Week starts March 5th! Choosing who is going to look after your beloved pet when you can’t is a very important decision. We of course would recommend boarding, especially for dogs. It’s by far the safest option! A local vet offers some information on boarding Fido in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal hospital.

Benefits Of Boarding

Boarding may be more expensive than hiring a pet sitter, but it’s also safer, and overall a better option. Your beloved furry friend will be safe and sound in a secure environment, and will be cared for by professionals.

Choosing A Kennel

Choosing the right kennel is half the battle. Ask your vet, friends, and family for recommendations. Boarding with your vet is a great option, if possible, as they would already be familiar with your canine buddy. Ask for a tour of the kennel, and check ratings and reviews. Any decent kennel will require paperwork to ensure that your cute pet has been vaccinated against contagious disease and parasites.


Kennels all operate a little differently. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Make sure you are clear on things like dropoff and pickup times, emergency procedures, and fees. You may also want to ask about perks, such as extra playtime or snacks. Provide any special instructions clearly, both verbally and in writing.


Find out what you can and can’t bring along for your canine buddy. Some kennels let you bring things from home; others prefer to use their own supplies. If you’re able to bring food, treats, and medicine, pack a few days’ extra. That way, if you’re delayed, you don’t have to worry that your pooch may be stuck eating something that doesn’t agree with him.


It’s a good idea to set up a short trial stay before heading off on a longer trip, to let your furry friend get used to his home away from home. This dry run also gives you a chance to get an idea of what dropoff and pickup will be like. Speaking of dropoffs, you don’t want to drag out your goodbyes. This will only let Fido know that you’re leaving. That may upset him … which will in turn upset you. Short and sweet is a better option.

Do you want to schedule boarding? Contact Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal hospital, today! 

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