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Bouvier des Flandres

February 1, 2023
Here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal clinic, we like celebrating pups of all shapes and sizes, from tiny Yorkies to massive Great Danes and everything in between. We also love sharing information about various breeds. In this article, we shine the spotlight on one very good boy: the Bouvier des Flandres.


Fido’s immediate ancestors seem to have been born at the Ter Duinen monastery in Flanders, Belgium, where resident monks mixed local farm dogs with several imported breeds, such as the Irish wolfhound and Scottish deerhound. The monks hit the jackpot, ending up with loyal, hardworking pooches that were great at herding cattle, even in tough weather conditions. Bouviers were also great at herding and protection. The breed almost didn’t make it through the twentieth century, and nearly went extinct during World War I. One very special Bouvier des Flandres, who was named Nic, is credited with saving his kin. After a three-year stint of running messages back and forth through trenches, the pup became a show dog … and the progenitor of the breed we know today. Unfortunately, before long, the Bouviers was threatened again, this time by World War II. These wonderful dogs persisted, and have survived to this day.


Fido is a very good boy, who is quite well-mannered and obedient. Though they do look fierce, the Bouvier des Flandres is quite calm and well-tempered. They are easy to train, and make wonderful guard dogs. They’re also very affectionate and playful with their families. Fido can do well in apartments, provided he gets enough playtime and exercise. Just be warned: these pooches do not care for sitting around with nothing to do, and can be prone to mischief if bored. Training is a must, as the Bouviers can become pushy and dominant without proper guidance. Because of this, they aren’t really the best option for first-time dog owners. 


Fido is stout and shaggy, with a thick coat. That tough fur does need some maintenance: you should plan to brush your pup at least once a week. It’s also worth noting that Bouviers isn’t the neatest roommate: these guys often love rolling and playing in mud and dirt. Ask your vet for specific care tips. Is your canine buddy due for an appointment? Contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal clinic. We’re here to help!

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