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Spotlight On Wolfenoot!

November 15, 2022
Did you know that November 23rd is Wolfenoot? Wolfenoot is a fairly new doggy holiday, but it’s a pretty important one in our book: it’s meant to celebrate our canine companions, and everyone who has been kind to them. A local vet discusses Fido’s new favorite holiday in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal clinic.


Wolfenoot began back in 2018, when a little boy from New Zealand, who came up with the idea. His mother went all-in, and shared the post on social media, where it of course immediately went viral. It’s not hard to see why this new day became so popular. It’s a super cute way to celebrate our canine buddies!


We mentioned above that part of the original Wolfenoot was the creation of the Wolfenoot story, which is about the Great Wolfe. There is now an official Wolfenoot storybook, which would be a great way to wind down Thanksgiving Eve with your little ones. It’s not hard to picture this becoming a beloved family tradition!


There is an official menu for Wolfenoot. The main course is quite specific: it should include red meat, as that is what real wolves eat. Meat substitutes, such as veggie burgers, are perfectly fine as well. There’s also an official dessert. This would be a round cake with white frosting, decorated to look like the moon.

Scavenger Hunt

Want to join the ranks of the Wolfenati? Don’t worry, there’s no secret ceremony: the Wolfenati are simply those who celebrate Wolfenoot, and/or those who are kind to wolves and dogs. Of course, as an official Wolfenati, you’d want to participate in or set up a scavenger hunt. Hide little treats and gifts for those who have helped our canine companions. (If you have a dog, you can of course include Fido in the fun.)

Spreading The Word

You can find official Wolfenoot pages on all the social media sites. The Wolfenoot mom also often runs online events for animal rescues, which is of course the ultimate way to honor the spirit of the wolf. Go ahead and share the word! You’ll want to use the official hashtags: #wolfenoot and #nohatejustsnootboops. Happy Wolfenoot! Please reach out to us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX veterinary clinic, for all of your canine buddy’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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