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Animal Safety And Protection Month: Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe

October 1, 2022
Did you know that October is Animal Safety And Protection Month? There’s almost no end to the ways our furry friends can get themselves into trouble. Fortunately, taking some basic precautions can go a long way towards keeping your beloved pet safe. A local vet offers some pet safety tips in this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal clinic.

Pet Proofing

Never underestimate Fido and Fluffy’s capacity for getting into trouble! Even something so innocuous as leaving a bottle of medication out can have serious consequences. Make your home safe by doing some basic petproofing. Be extra careful if your furry pal is a kitten or puppy: baby animals want to get into, well, everything.


This one’s for the dogs: Fido should know—and obey—basic obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. That petucation could one day save his life!

Climate Control

Pets may have fur coats on, but they are by no means immune to the effects of cold or hot temperatures. In general, Fido and Fluffy will be comfortable at the same temperatures as we are. In winter, make sure your pet always has a warm, clean bed. In summer, they should have access to shaded or cool areas. Fresh water is always a must.


Over the last few centuries, the amount of chemicals that both people and pets are exposed to on a daily basis has increased substantially. Limit your pet’s exposure to potential toxins. That includes medication, toxic plants, and many household products.


Did you know that one in three pets will get lost at some point during their lives? Fluffy is safest indoors, where she is also protected from weather, wild animals, and traffic. As for Fido, keep him leashed or in fenced-in areas at all times.

Preventative Care

Vaccines and parasite control products can protect pets from a whole slew of dangerous parasites and diseases. Regular exams can help detect medical issues early on, when treatment is often most effective. Keep up with your furry bff’s veterinary appointments!


Microchips and ID tags are also musts. For extra protection, you can get your little buddy a tag or collar that allows for GPS monitoring. Is your pet due for an exam? Contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair, TX animal clinic, anytime!

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