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Resolutions Inspired by Fido

January 1, 2022
Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions this year? If so, your dog will be your cutest supporter as you work towards your new goals. Fido isn’t just an adorable, furry cheerleader: he can also serve as a great source of inspiration. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, a Cypress, TX veterinarian lists a few resolutions inspired by Man’s Best Friend.

Get Lots Of Rest

Fido may not be quite as tired as Fluffy, but he does enjoy his beauty sleep. Be sure to get plenty of rest this year.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Our canine companions are known for being incredibly loyal to their humans. Fido really wants nothing more than to spend time with you! Make time for those who matter to you!

Be Yourself

Dogs can be very serious, but they also have a very silly and playful side. Fido isn’t worried about how he looks when he’s wiggling on his back or tearing up that plushie squeaky toy: he’s too busy enjoying himself. That’s a great takeaway!


Man’s Best Friend definitely has a healthy sense of adventure. Keep Fido’s tail going by taking time to explore some new places this year. As for yourself, make an effort to explore new interests this year, or try some new styles. Going to new places is also a good goal. If travel is still iffy, seek out local spots you haven’t been to yet.

Have Fun

Fido’s joyful doggy exuberance is often contagious. Tossing a ball or stick for your pup to chase can be just as entertaining for him as it is for you. Take a cue from your canine buddy, and carve out some time for your friends and hobbies.

Stop And Smell The Roses

To be fair, Fido would advocate for stopping to smell not just roses, but everything else as well. This is actually a great thing to keep in mind when you’re walking your pooch and waiting for him to finish sniffing that patch of grass. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you.

Eat Well

Our furry friends are very enthusiastic about food. Fill your plate with food that is both healthy and delicious! All of us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet clinic, wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance.

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