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Celebrating Shelter Pets Day

December 1, 2021
December 5th is a pretty big day for many of our adorable patients. It’s Celebrate Shelter Pets Day! That’s definitely an occasion we’re happy to spread awareness about. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet clinic, a vet lists some ways to both celebrate shelter pets and raise awareness about the ones who need homes.

Explain the Benefits

There are some wonderful advantages to adopting a shelter pet. For one, you can pick your perfect pet out of many available dogs and cats. You’ll also find that going through a shelter is much cheaper than going through a pet store or breeder. Plus, giving that one special pet a new lease on life is really something to feel great about. Share a few memes about these perks. You may change someone’s mind!

Tell Your Story

Did you adopt your pet from a shelter? Share some pictures of your furry pal online! It’s good for people to see that shelter pets can be wonderful animal companions. This is actually quite important! Some people are uneasy adopting shelter pets, out of concerns that they may have emotional baggage or behavioral issues. (Note: to be fair, some pets do have issues. However, love, good care, and training can make a world of difference.)


Many shelters run on tight budgets, and rely very much on volunteers and charity. Monetary donations are always wonderful, but shelters also always need things like litter, food, toys, treats, and blankets. You can even start a donation drive for your neighborhood or workplace.

Spread The Word

There’s really just no end to the numbers of homeless pets being admitted to shelters. Share some posts about adoptable shelter pets. You may help Fido or Fluffy find their forever home. That’s an amazing outcome–and a life changing one for the pet–from clicking a few keys!


The best way to celebrate shelter pets? Adopt one! This of course isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Adopting any animal is a lifetime commitment, and something to think very carefully about. We also adamantly believe that pets should never be given as gifts. That all said, if all the lights are all green, go for it. This can be a wonderful time to bring a new pet into your home! Happy Holidays from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX pet clinic. Call us anytime!

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