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Cute Ways to Keep Fido Cool

June 1, 2021
Summer is just around the corner. Things definitely heat up at this time of year here in the Lone Star State. Those scorching temperatures may make great barbeque weather, but they’re very dangerous for dogs. Protecting Fido from the heat is really important. It can also be really fun! In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, a Cy-Fair veterinarian lists some ‘pawesome’ ways to help your pup beat the heat.

Doggy Cooling Vest

Lots of new technology and gadgets have emerged in the past few years. The technology sector hasn’t forgotten about Man’s Best Friend! One invention that has the puparazzi super excited is the doggy cooling vest. There are a few different kinds available. Some you put into the freezer, while others you wet down. Ask your vet for advice. Or go the DIY route: hang a bandana around Fido’s neck, and soak that with water.


Ice cream sales usually skyrocket in summer, and with good reason. Ice cream is the perfect treat for sweltering days! You can find doggy ice cream in many grocery and pet stores. You can also make your own. Look online for recipe ideas. Just stick with ingredients you know are safe for Fido.

Water Fun

Does Fido like swimming? If so, take him to dog-friendly spots and let him enjoy himself. Just put safety first. Never leave your pup unattended, and avoid spots with steep drops, heavy wakes, strong currents, and/or snakes or gators.

Kiddie Pool

Consider getting Fido a kiddie pool. Or, let him play in the spray from a sprinkler. These yard ‘pupgrades’ can make for some really cute pictures!

Pet Fountain

Want to really get Fido’s tail going? Get him his own little fountain to play with. These are great if you have a large yard and/or more than one dog.

Cooling Pads

Fido may love having a warm bed to snuggle up in when it’s chilly out, but on really hot days, he may prefer something a bit cooler. Get your canine pal a cooling pad to look adorable on. You may also want to get your pup an elevated doggy bed. These are much cooler than typical beds, as air can flow beneath them. Please contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair pet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here for you! 

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