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Halloween Hazards for Cats

October 15, 2020
Halloween is just around the corner! The autumn holiday is a great chance to have some fun with costumes, enjoy some seasonal treats and decorations, and, of course, eat candy. However, this can be a dangerous time for our feline pals. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal clinic, a local vet lists some Halloween dangers for cat owners to be aware of. 


Our feline friends can be quite finicky, so they usually are pretty good about not eating toxic foods. However, there are kitties out there who will eat, well, just about anything. Others will eat unsafe foods if coaxed to. Chocolate, sugar, nuts, raisins, and xylitol are all poisonous to Fluffy. Hard candies are also unsafe, as they are a choking hazard. Plastic wrappers are another concern. Many kitties like the taste or texture of plastic, and try to chew it. This is a huge choking risk! Store those sweets in a spot your furry pal can’t get to. 


We probably don’t have to tell you that Fluffy has a knack for mischief. Keep your frisky pet in mind when setting out decorations. Anything with dangling ropes or threads is unsafe, as are items with small or sharp parts and anything that requires a battery or power cord. 


Pumpkin and cinnamon candles are extremely popular at this time of year. They definitely make your home look and smell cozy and welcoming. Just be sure to keep these in spots Fluffy can’t reach. Cats and flames are an extremely dangerous combination! 


It may sound tempting to put your pet in a costume, but it’s best to just leave Fluffy in her birthday suit. Cats often get very hot and distressed in clothing. (Note: hairless kitties are an exception, as they need clothes to stay warm.) 


It isn’t uncommon for there to be more traffic than usual around Halloween. You may also have more pedestrians in your neighborhood than normal. Unfortunately, reports of lost cats often spike after the autumn holiday. Black cats are particularly at risk, because of the myths that (incorrectly) associate them with witchcraft. While we always recommend keeping kitties indoors, that advice goes double at this time of year. Keep Fluffy safe and sound inside. Please contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal clinic, anytime. We’re here for you! 

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