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Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

September 15, 2018
Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts September 16th. This is truly a wonderful cause, and one that we are happy to shed some light upon. Just like people, pets can be afflicted by handicaps, medical issues, and/or disabilities. These sweet furballs are often passed over, which is very sad because they can make absolutely wonderful pets. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal clinic, a local vet discusses giving less adoptable pets a second chance.

Senior Pets

Older pets often have a very hard time getting adopted. They are often passed over for puppies and kittens, because so many people want to adopt baby animals. However, there are some great advantages to choosing senior dogs and cats. For one thing, they’re much calmer, and less likely to engage in bad behaviors, like digging. They also are often already trained. Getting a dog or cat in their golden years is also a shorter commitment than getting a puppy or kitten. This may be very beneficial to some. Finally, senior pets are very lovable. They often develop very sweet and gentle demeanors that make them great animal companions.

Deaf/Blind Pets

Dogs and cats that are blind or deaf can still lead full, happy lives. You may find that you just need to make a few simple adjustments to keep your furry buddy happy. For instance, deaf dogs can be taught to respond to hand signals. Blind pets, on the other hand, often do fine with things like carpet runners and baby gates to keep them out of dangerous areas.

Disabled Pets

Our animal friends are amazingly resilient, and can bounce back from severe injuries, such as losing a limb or becoming partially paralyzed. Many of these wonderful pets don’t need as much extra care as you may think. In fact, in many cases, caring for a disabled pet isn’t very different from caring for any other animal.


If you are ready to adopt, consider choosing a pet that has been overlooked by others. These animals desperately need help! It’s also worth noting that our animal companions definitely know when someone has helped them. They are often extremely affectionate and loving to their saviors. Do you have questions about pet care? Is your animal friend due for an exam? Contact us at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair animal clinic, anytime!

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