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6 Things Your Dog is Thankful For

November 15, 2017
As Thanksgiving approaches, many people are reflecting on the things they are most thankful for. We are definitely grateful for our canine friends. Dogs are truly special animals, and their ability to love unconditionally is definitely a precious gift. But if Fido could make a list of the things he’s most grateful for, what do you think would be on it? In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, a Cy-Fair vet lists some things dogs are thankful for.


If there’s one thing that will get Fido’s tail wagging, it’s bacon. Or sausage. Or hamburger. Or steak. Treats may very well be at the list of things your pup is grateful for. Just be sure to only offer him healthy snacks.


Those daily walks aren’t just important for sanitary reasons. They let your dog get some exercise, enjoy a change of scenery, and sniff the grass. While grass sniffing may not seem very exciting to us, Fido actually gets beneficial mental stimulation from it. In fact, because dogs get so much information from scents, smelling the neighbor’s yard is kind of like reading a newspaper for your pup!


Nothing is cuter than a playful pup happily playing with a new toy! Playing is both fun and beneficial for dogs, so keep Fido’s toybox full, and take time to play with him daily. Go through your canine buddy’s playthings regularly, and replace anything that is ripped or worn out.

Comfy Bed

Dogs love having comfortable beds just as much as people do! Make sure your pooch has a good doggy bed to snuggle up in. If you have a large breed or a senior dog, your furry friend may appreciate an orthopedic bed. Smaller dogs often like beds with raised sides.

Belly Rubs

Does your pooch close his eyes in bliss when you rub his belly or help him scratch that stubborn itch? Affection may very well have one of the top spots on Fido’s list!


At the end of the day, Fido’s world really revolves around his human buddies. Your furry best friend wants nothing more than to hang out with you. Spend time with your faithful pet every day. This will be great for both of you! Please contact Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair pet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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