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Caring for Your Cat’s Teeth

July 1, 2017
Did you know that dental issues are a common problem among our feline friends? Dental problems can be just as painful for kitties as they are for people. Luckily, you can help your kitty avoid these issues with regular dental care. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair pet hospital, a local vet discusses kitty dental care


Fluffy can’t tell you if her teeth hurt, so it’s important for you to be able to recognize warning signs. Bad breath is a common symptom of kitty dental woes. Some other symptoms include drooling, bleeding gums, excessive licking, and discolored teeth. Your pet may have trouble eating if her teeth hurt, and she may not feel very playful. Hiding and poor grooming can also be red flags. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.


We know, the thought of trying to brush a cat’s teeth sounds a bit risky. However, if you take your time with training, you may very well be able to teach your kitty to tolerate it. You’ll need to get a kitty toothbrush, sterile gauze strips, and cat toothpaste. Pick a flavor Fluffy will enjoy, like chicken or fish. Never use human toothpaste on a cat: products made for humans can actually be toxic to pets, and could make your furball very sick! When you are ready to proceed, put your kitty on your lap. Wrap a piece of gauze around your finger, and put toothpaste on it. Pet her and talk to her quietly, and then open her mouth and gently rub one of her teeth. Just do one tooth at a time at first, then stop and give your furball treats and praise.

Other Options

If you aren’t having any luck getting Fluffy to let you brush her teeth, you may want to go an alternate route. Dental sprays are one good option. You can also give your feline buddy dental-formula treats and chews, which are specially formulated to remove plaque and tartar.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy should have her teeth checked by a vet at least once a year. If you notice tartar buildup on your furball’s teeth, schedule a good deep cleaning. Do you know or suspect that your pet has dental issues? Contact us here at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cy-Fair pet hospital, today! We are here to help!
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