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How Obedience Training Can Improve Your Dog’s Life

September 15, 2015
Your retriever mix Charley has turned your neighborhood walks into full-fledged gym workouts. Several times daily, this energetic eighty-pound pooch drags you out the door. As he hurtles down the sidewalk, you clutch his leash as your cardio routine ramps up. Your arms and legs also get considerable exercise from the non-stop tugging and sprinting. When you arrive home, you’re out of breath and sweat is dripping off your face. You’ve had enough – it’s time for Charley to learn some manners. Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX veterinarian has referred you to a reputable dog trainer; and she has accepted your canine delinquent into her next obedience class. After he graduates, you should notice positive behavioral changes.

More Acceptable Behavior

Charley’s out-of-control behavior has gotten him temporarily banned from the dog park. Your dog-owning friends have stopped contacting you for doggie playdates. However, after your unruly pooch finishes his obedience course, you might be able to revisit those situations. After graduation, he should reliably sit, stay, come when called, and heel rather than rocketing down the street like an Olympic sprinter. Even when he spots a canine buddy, or smells your friend’s snack, he should continue to obey your commands.

Canine Socialization Success

Your undisciplined canine housemate might lack socialization skills. During his class, the instructor will teach him to interact – and play nicely – with his classmates. By the course’s conclusion, your friendly dog will probably acquire several canine buddies. He’ll also learn what constitutes acceptable (and unacceptable) behavior. He’ll earn that important Course Completion Certificate, showing that he has demonstrated numerous obedience skills.

Enjoyable Human/Bonding Experience

Charley is a sharp dog with a friendly personality; and he seems to love everybody. However, you’ve been frustrated with your wildly undisciplined pooch, making it harder to bond with him. After he becomes more obedient, your relationship with him should improve.

Pleasant Social Circle

While Charley diligently learns obedience skills, you’ll meet other pet owners facing similar challenges. You’ll likely celebrate your students’ successes; and you might make several new friends. Best of all, you could form a new social circle containing more predictable pooches and happier owners. When Charley next visits Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX veterinarian, he should be a more cooperative patient who doesn’t try to escape the exam room. If your dog needs some discipline, contact us for expert advice.

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