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Fluffy’s Top 5 Holiday Traditions

January 1, 2016
What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Decorating? Baking? Spending time with friends and family? Cats are often right there with us as we immerse ourselves in these classic seasonal traditions. What part of the holidays do kitties love most? While no one can say for sure, we can offer a few educated guesses. In this article from Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX vet clinic, you’ll read about some of our feline friends’ favorite holiday moments.

Wrapping Gifts

Cats are very helpful little furballs. Fluffy will likely be right there with you as you wrap gifts, and may very well want to lend a helping paw. If you end up having to start over because of your furry pal’s ‘help,’ just remind yourself that your kitty’s love is also a gift!

The Tree

Cats and trees have a long history. In the wild, trees provide kitties with shelter, vantage points, refuge from predators, as well as convenient manicure stations. To a housecat, a tree covered with dangly, shiny objects is, well, pretty irresistible. To keep both your tree and your frisky feline safe, secure the top to a wall or ceiling with fishing line, get a sturdy base, and hang ornaments on the top part of the tree.


Every year, millions of happy housecats are delighted to find themselves surrounded by empty boxes as people finish opening their gifts. Talk about kitty paradise! Just be sure to remove ribbons, tape, and tinsel before giving your furball the boxes.

Lap Time

People often take time off this time of year to relax and unwind. Our feline friends are often more than happy to join in! Fluffy may hop onto your lap as you settle in with a good book or movie and a hot beverage. A purring kitty definitely makes these quiet, cozy nights complete!


Many people who are owned by cats include their kitties in their holiday gift-giving traditions. Fluffy may score catnip mice, fuzzy toy balls, or cans of tuna, chicken, or salmon. Cat towers, cat grass, kitty beds, automated drinking fountains, and window seats also make great gifts for kitties. All of us at Fairfield Animal Hospital, your Cypress, TX animal hospital, want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health. We are here to help!

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