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Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Aspen always had a certain way with her family pets—she’s known ever since she was a little girl that she wanted to work with animals professionally! Aspen is proud to serve the pets and animal parents of the area as a member of the Fairfield Animal Hospital team.

Aspen grew up in Houston and was a member of the Future Farmers of America organization in high school, which only deepened her desire to work hands-on with animals. She secured her first job in the industry at a local boarding facility, where she was responsible for doggie daycare duties and looking after the kennels. In April of 2016, she was thrilled to join the Fairfield Animal Hospital family—Aspen is now a receptionist and Veterinary Assistant, and plans on attending school in the near future to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician!

When time permits away from work, Aspen enjoys playing video games, attending concerts, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She has a German shepherd mix, Emmie, who loves to go for swims in the pool, as well as a spunky kitten named Artemis.

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Mandy has been a pet owner all of her life, and has always wanted to learn more about dogs and cats. Coupled with her background in finance and administrative work, veterinary medicine provided the perfect opportunity for her to help pets and their owners while learning something new every day!

Mandy was born and raised in Houston. After several years spent working for financial institutions, she decided to jump head-first into animal care and signed up at another local clinic to learn the ropes. In early 2017, she joined the team here at Fairfield Animal Hospital as a receptionist. Mandy’s favorite part of the job is interacting directly with the area’s loving pet owners—she’s especially fond of educating clientele about preventive care techniques.

Mandy is a proud mother to a wonderful young son, and the family shares their home with three pets: a lazy cat and two dogs named Ozzy and Eevie. When time allows between work and family life, she likes to keep her hands busy with fun craft projects.

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Victoria has had a passion for pet care ever since she was young. Tending to the needs of her own dog, Caesar, only confirmed for her what she had already suspected: caring for pets as a veterinary professional was the perfect choice for her!

Born in Houston, Victoria moved to North Carolina briefly before returning to her hometown. Her animal-care journey began nearly five years ago, when she joined the staff at a local pet resort. In the fall of 2016, Victoria became a receptionist here at Fairfield Animal Hospital to gain even more experience in the world of veterinary care.

Victoria is currently a student at the University of Houston. When time permits between her collegiate studies and her duties here at the hospital, she enjoys hiking, swimming, relaxing on the beach, attending concerts, and spending time with her family and Caesar at home.

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Veterinary Assistant II

Ever since she can remember, Jennifer has wanted to spend her time helping animals in need. The love that she feels when she helps an animal in need makes it all worth it!

Jennifer was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in Virginia Beach. She started here at Fairfield Animal Hospital in the fall of 2002, only a year after Dr. Hicks opened the clinic. Jennifer confirmed that she’d found her true calling a year later, when she helped perform a C-section on a Golden retriever. As she was handed puppy after puppy to stimulate their breathing, she knew she was doing what she was meant to do.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Jennifer prefers to stay active in the outdoors by mountain biking, camping, and going to the beach. She takes part in a lot of runs, obstacles courses, and mud challenge races—the act of pushing herself physically and getting dirty is quite a thrill!

At home, Jennifer lives with her wonderful son and daughter, as well as a pair of cats named Mork and Mindy. Mork is Mr. Personality and always wants to be right alongside Jennifer, while Mindy prefers to lay low and watch from a distance.

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Veterinary Assistant

As soon as she adopted her Golden retriever/Collie mix, Cisco, Alexis knew she wanted to work with animals for the rest of her life. Watching Cisco go through his exams and get his vaccinations made her realize something else: working in animal care would allow her to not only keep pets healthy, but improve the lives of family members as well! Alexis is thrilled to begin her veterinary journey here at Fairfield Animal Hospital.

Alexis was born in Houston and has lived in Fairfield her whole life. She started shadowing here in August of 2014 when her mother brought to her attention the opportunity to gain experience at their local pet hospital. After nearly a year of shadowing, Alexis was offered a position as a Veterinary Assistant and eagerly accepted.

Alexis’ favorite parts of her work day include holding pets during routine exams, listening in as a veterinarian gives a prognosis, and learning something new every time she walks into an examination room. Alexis also enjoys cleaning and stocking the clinic—she says giving the hospital a new look for the next day satisfies her OCD tendencies!

Outside of work, Alexis enjoys spending time with her family and Cisco, staying active in the Future Farmers of America organization, and traveling. She’s also an avid artist, and even plans on earning a minor in art during college.

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Veterinary Assistant

When she was a little girl, Caitlin would make her friends leave their stuffed animals with her so that she could “operate” on them. She had her own veterinary kit, medical tools, a kennel, and at least fifty stuffed animals. As she grew older, Caitlin’s passion for animal care didn’t waver—for her, a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect fit!

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Caitlin moved around with her family as a kid thanks to her father’s career in the military. After stints in Japan, Rhode Island, and Virginia Beach, the family settled in Texas. Caitlin recently joined the Fairfield Animal Hospital family after a friend recommended the clinic to her, and she’s thrilled to gain invaluable experience in the animal care world. In the future, Caitlin plans on attending Lone Star Community College before earning her veterinary degree at Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

In her time away from the clinic, Caitlin loves spending time outdoors. She enjoys riding dirt bikes, scuba diving, swimming, and flying. Currently, she’s working on earning her pilot’s license so that she can fly alongside her father, a former fighter pilot!

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Julie used to work for a school district, and had the summers free once the spring semester ended. One summer, she decided to get a job at a veterinary hospital and fell in love with the profession right away! She’s been a part of the Fairfield Animal Hospital family since 2007.

A Houston native, Julie attended school to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician and then began her career in veterinary medicine immediately afterward. After nearly 15 years of working as a Tech, she decided it was time for a change, but had no desire to leave the pets and clientele that she’d come to know and love. That’s when Julie became a receptionist to best serve the pets and animal owners of the area.

Julie and her husband have been married for over 20 years, and have two sons and a daughter. They currently live with seven dachshunds and a dachshund mix, Brandee, who isn’t told she’s not a full-blooded dachshund so as not to hurt her feelings. When Julie’s daughter whispered to Brandee that she wasn’t a purebred, Brandee’s response was a short, menacing growl!

In her spare time, Julie enjoys being outdoors and spending time in her garden; she has a special fondness for planting orchids.

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Veterinary Assistant

Will decided he would like to become a veterinarian when he was only seven years old, and his dream has held strong. He’s always been fascinated by animals and the way the body works; for him, a career in veterinary medicine simply makes sense!

Will is from Houston, Texas, and moved here to Cypress with his family when he was five years old. They had always brought their own pets here to Fairfield Animal Hospital, so Will knew it would be a perfect fit for him. He started here during the summer of 2001, and is now a Certified Veterinary Assistant. Medically, Will is fond of bloodwork and utilizing a small sample to diagnose a problem. Most of all, though, he likes seeing the reactions of pet owners when they’re reunited with their happy, healthy animal companions.

At home, Will and his family have two dogs, Lola and Remi, as well as a pair of cats named Darby and Jewels. When he isn’t studying for his college courses, spending time with his own pets, or caring for the area’s animals here at the hospital, Will enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, drawing, playing video games, and listening to music.

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A native of Houston, Texas, Ivy was constantly surrounded by pets while growing up. She got her first horse when she was only 10 years old! Now Ivy gets to care for the pets and animal owners of the area as a veterinary receptionist here at the hospital.

Before she worked here at the clinic, Ivy was a client of Fairfield Animal Hospital’s. When a teller at her bank told her that Dr. Hicks was looking for help at the front desk, Ivy came to the hospital and put in an application. Only a short time later, Ivy was helping clients get set up with top-notch pet care as one of the clinic’s receptionists!

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